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Piriton 4mg tablets 60 PACK

Piriton 4mg tablets 60 PACK


Piriton 4mg tablets 60 PACK are indicated for symptomatic control of all allergic conditions responsive to antihistamines. Piriton tablets can treat symptoms, including itchiness and skin rashes, and help you to keep hay fever symptoms at bay throughout allergy season.

Whether your pets have an allergy every month or suffer from temporary seasonal allergies, Piriton tablets can help you manage the discomfort associated with such symptoms.

It also helps relieve the itchy skin rash of chickenpox in pet animals. The tablets can be taken as long as prescribed by your veterinary surgeon.

Available in 4MG tablets with packs of 60.
Use as prescribed by your doctor.
Recommended to drink more water

Note: PIRITON 4mg tablets 60 PACK is a prescription-based medication and can be sent once a valid prescription is received.

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