Arthritis is very common in our older pets and will affect most dogs to some degree over the age of ten years.  The signs are usually difficult to see at first and you may notice your dog being less keen to go for the long walks that he is used to.  He may be slower walking around the garden.

Where two bones are joined together, there is a joint and the ends of the bones are covered in a special surface.  It is this surface that gets inflamed in arthritis and causes your dog to be in pain.  Arthritic pain can cause all the symptoms and we can use these symptoms to judge how badly your dog is affected and whether our treatment is working.

A program of weight reduction and reducing how far your dog walks can manage many cases of canine arthritis.  Shorter but regular walks keep the joints moving but are less likely to cause joint pain.

There are two forms of arthritis medication that are often needed.  Firstly, pain killing drugs that aim to reduce the inflammation within the joints.  If these are taken everyday, there is an excellent result and the dog feels much happier.  Your vet may have initially prescribed Metacam or a similar product.  With PetsDrugsDirect, you can print a tailored prescription with your details on for your vet to sign.  Just send us the prescription and we can dispense exactly the same medicine as your vet uses, at a much cheaper price.

There is no need for a prescription for some products though.  The nutritional supplements Seraquin and Yumove are a group of products that try to lubricate the joint by increasing the natural fluid within the joints.  The inflamed joint surfaces are further apart and there is less wear and tear.